Shirodhara therapy, an extraordinary body treatment rooted in Ayurveda, boasts a rich history of over 5000 years in India, recognized as a divine therapeutic practice. At its core, Shirodhara involves the application of oil to the forehead and scalp, constituting a remarkable body cleansing therapy coupled with a relaxation procedure. This ancient technique aims to enhance the central nervous system’s function and offers relief for various ailments such as sinusitis, memory loss, and eye conditions, acting as a soothing and purifying treatment.

Procedure for Shirodhara Therapy

For those unfamiliar with Shirodhara, consulting a proficient Ayurvedic practitioner is recommended. The procedure begins with the patient lying on their back, inducing a state of relaxation. The practitioner carefully heats the liquid to body temperature, placing it in a basin, which is then positioned either by hand or on a stand. The liquid delicately drips through a small hole onto the forehead, safeguarded by a lightweight barrier for the eyes. Typically lasting 30 to 90 minutes, the Shirodhara therapy may include a massage before or after the treatment.

Shirodhara Benefits

Ideal for individuals with a weakened nervous system, Shirodhara excels in regulating mood, inducing relaxation, and alleviating symptoms such as hypertension, stress, anxiety, exhaustion, sadness, headaches, and fear.

Shirodhara Therapy

Benefits for Specific Medical Conditions:

1. Insomnia:

Shirodhara, with its centuries-old legacy, is a potent remedy for sleep problems. Research supports its effectiveness, either alone or in combination with herbal treatments, for addressing insomnia and shift work sleep disorders. The therapy’s unique approach activates melatonin-producing glands, regulating the wake-sleep cycle.

2. Manages Anxiety:

The repetitive oil dripping on the forehead focuses on the ‘Ajna Marma’ point, aiding in stress, tension, and anxiety relief. Shirodhara’s performance induces an immediate stress-relieving effect on the body, providing a holistic solution for anxiety management.

3. PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder):

Shirodhara is employed to alleviate Vata dosha imbalances contributing to PTSD. When conducted with the right oil containing beneficial herbs, the therapy deeply relaxes the nervous system, aiding in overcoming PTSD symptoms.

4. Jet Lag:

Panchakarma therapies, including Shirodhara, play a pivotal role in resetting the body’s natural cycles after travel, especially across multiple time zones. This therapy facilitates a quick return to a regular working cycle.

5. High Blood Pressure:

Shirodhara has demonstrated effectiveness in reducing blood pressure, making it an excellent option for individuals seeking to enhance immunity, overall well-being, and mental clarity. The therapy’s ability to promote relaxation, alleviate fatigue, and rejuvenate the mind and body contributes to its broad health benefits.

By exploring the depths of Shirodhara therapy, one can unlock a holistic approach to well-being and address specific health concerns effectively

Shirodhara Therapy by Atmabodh Patanjali Wellness

Shirodhara therapy is an Ayurvedic remedy that can improve your neurological system and awaken your body’s intuition while relieving stress, worry, fatigue, insomnia, overthinking, sinusitis, and eye disorders. Take care of your diet and lifestyle, follow your eating and sleeping schedule, and think about doing some meditation to get the many advantages of Shirodhara. 


By incorporating Ayurvedic principles into your daily routine, you can experience long-term relief from various ailments & diseases. Contact us today to book a Residential treatment program with Atmabodh Patanjali Wellness for a holistic solution for managing various ailments & diseases. You can email us at or call +919699740189 to book your personalized retreat.

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