Meals at Atmabodh

At Atmabodh, the food is an integral part of the cleansing and healing process. It’s considered the “Aahar Therapy” or an important approach to one’s health and wellness. Each health-seeker is prescribed a personalised diet plan, based on their body type and medical conditions. The food that we eat not only impacts the internal organs of our body, but also our thought-process and energy-systems.

Naturopathy encourages natural food, i.e. the food consumed essentially in natural form. Eating simple, vegetarian meals, with high quantity of raw ingredients is generally recommended, to remain in the best of our energy and health. All food can be classified as acidic or alkaline.

To remain healthy 80% of our food intake should be alkaline, that includes fresh vegetables, fruits, lentils, beans, nuts, yogurt, milk etc. We need to avoid acidic items, such as tea, coffee, alcohol, meats, processed and deep-fried foods etc.

In yogic tradition, the food is classified as Sattvik, Rajasik and Tamasik. Sattvic is the purest form of food that helps to elevate our life-energy, while Tamasik food causes lethargy. We recommend and serve Sattvic Aahar to our guests, which is most energizing and medicinal. It is light and healthy food that support in increasing energy, happiness, calmness, and mental clarity. In practice, that means eating things that are vegetarian, nutritious, fresh, and tasty.

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Taking your first step towards a sattvic regime

Sattvic Aahar, served at Atmabodh, is the most energizing food. However, for the initial one or two days, some guests find it difficult to limit to such a meal, especially if they are used to eating different kinds of food. Outside food is strictly not allowed at the center.

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What Are Sattvic Foods?

In general, sattvic foods are ripe, raw, or lightly cooked and freshly prepared. The sattvic diet is high in nutrient-rich plant foods and doesn’t include processed and fried foods. Sattvic foods include:

A General Diet Plan followed at Atmabodh