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Healing Through Yoga, Ayurveda & Naturopathy

Terms and Conditions

Important Note

We request our loving and divine health seekers & Attendants to kindly bring your RT-PCR COVID-19 negative report not older than 3 days/72 hrs. as per government rule from any ICMR registered lab (if getting reports late or coming from long distances, then maximum 5 days/100 hrs) . Without this report, you will not be allowed admission in any Patanjali Wellness Center.

If a person has been vaccinated or not, then also it is mandatory to bring the RT-PCR report.

Postponement & Cancellation Policy

Postponement Norms

If the health seeker seeks a postponement, the changed schedule desired should be sent via E-mail to the registration department, so as to reach 5 days before the scheduled date of arrival. Telephonic information will not be valid.

Only one reservation is permitted subject to the availability of accommodation. For reservation, a charge of 10% of the deposited amount will have to be paid.

If the health seeker does not present himself/herself on the revised scheduled date the deposited amount shall get forfeited.

Cancellation Norms

No money, in any form, will be refunded to a health seeker leaving the treatment before 10 days, and more than 10 days registration amount will be refunded.

In case the registration is canceled the following norms would apply:

No refunds are permissible if one health seeker is arriving instead of two health seekers.

In case of cancellation, we will not refund any amount, if any health seeker does not come.

Child policy

Children below 10 years are not allowed. Cost for a child above 10 years will be charged as per the Patanjali wellness Center tariff for extra person / bed. The additional bed/mattress will be provided on a prior request basis only, subject to availability.

Check-in / Check out timings :

Our Check-in time is 10 AM IST and Check-out time is 3PM IST

Special Instructions :

  1. Incase of billing from trust, as of date, no tax on room rent but may change if govt of India changes its rules and regulation The GST rates prevailing on the dates of stay/service/usage shall be levied at extra, if the package availed does not explicitly and specifically mention the inclusion of the applicable taxes.
  2. Incase of franchise billing GST will be applicable as per legal entity form by franchisee and legal framework around it.
  3. Standard tariffs and rates are subject to change without any notice and the applicable rates on the date of booking shall be applicable and charged, accordingly.
  4. Swimming pool facilities (wherever it is applicable) shall not be allowed to be used without appropriate swimming costumes/gears, and the guests/users are strictly advised to bring along their standard swimming costumes/gear.
  5. Our rooms are designed for Single, Double, Twin & Triple (few rooms) occupancies only.
  6. Please check with your center for a specific packing list or things to be carried.
  7. Minimum stay of 7 nights
  8. Payment Terms: 100% advance payment is required while check – in.
  9. All treatments are done under the supervision of Ayurveda and Naturopathy Doctors from Patanjali Yogpeeth Haridwar
  10. No alcohol, no Non veg food and no smoking allowed in premises
  11. No Outside food and belongings are allowed.
  12. Children will not be allowed to accompany the health seeker. if you come with Children, you will not be admitted to the health seeker.
  13. If the child is a health seeker and is above 10 yrs. then he can be considered for treatment.
  14. If a health seeker’s condition is not fit for treatment on arrival, final decision regarding admission & treatment will be taken by CMI.
  15. Two people may include 2 health seekers or one health seeker and one attendant.
  16. Prior registration should be done for two health seekers. If second health seekers registration is not done before and if after coming to any Patanjali Wellness Center he wants to take treatment then he has to pay extra charges.
  17. Health seekers coming to OPD and wanting to consult the doctor may do so on payment as per respective Consultation charges.
  18. Accommodation for attendant/drivers are available , please check availability and applicable charges with respective Patanjali Wellness Centers.
  19. Health seekers must not reach any Patanjali Wellness Center earlier than the booking day.
  20. Check in time on the scheduled day of arrival is – 2:00 PM. This day will be utilized for orientation and consultation with Doctors. This day will not be included in treatment days.
  21. Treatment would commence on a subsequent day wef 4.30 AM. The health seekers will be discharged on the last day at 11.00 AM. For daily routine follow the website. The changed routine will be displayed on the website.
  22. Health seekers reaching later than 6.00 PM on the scheduled day; shall be able to meet the doctor on the subsequent day at 9.00 AM, and treatment shall commence by 11.00 AM only.
  23. For health seekers reaching Patanjali Wellness Center without advance registration, registration will only be done subject to availability of accommodation and on acceptance by the Chief Medical Incharge.
  24. During the menstrual cycle please don’t make any booking at Patanjali Wellness Center, which will not provide you appropriate benefit through treatment during your menstrual periods.
  25. Females with other menstrual disorders are requested to take appropriate treatment to regularize their menstrual cycle and then they can make a booking at Patanjali Wellness Center for further treatment in order to gain better relief after treatment.
  26. Pets are not allowed inside the premises
  27. Flowers and plants are important part of centre which ensures the essence of nature’s livelihood. Every health seeker is requested not to pluck flowers, leaves etc and also should not tease any bird, animal, insect or reptile.
  28. Use of polybags is prohibited inside the premises.
  29. Health seekers have to strictly follow the diet cart prepared by physicians and also should ensure proper chewing of food.
  30. Practicing Spiritual silence is also a therapy and one should try to enjoy this therapy while restraining themselves from participating in useless and energy consuming talks and gossips.
  31. It is expected from health seekers that they don’t leave premises of Atmabodh without prior intimation.
  32. As soon as health seeker checks in here, their belongings are inspected as this is helpful in the treatment process of individuals.
  33. We have 2 floors ground and first floor with Residential Rooms on both the floor while Lift Facility is not available as of now.