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Healing Through Yoga, Ayurveda & Naturopathy

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Patanjali Wellness Center


bringing years of research of Yog Gram & Niramayam centers to Pune

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Best Yoga and Ayurveda wellness center
Winner Saga Star Award Pune edition 2022

Best Yoga and Ayurveda wellness center

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At Atmabodh – Patanjali Wellness Center

Diseases Cured Receive Brochure
Yoga, Ayurveda & Naturopathy
Treating various diseases through

Yoga, Ayurveda & Naturopathy

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Curing diseases permanently

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Annual Membership Plans

Invest in your well-being with our exclusive Annual Membership Plans at Patanjali’s Atmabodh Wellness. Our membership packages are designed to provide you with comprehensive access to transformative healing and rejuvenation programs, tailored to meet your unique wellness needs.

Atmabodh is the journey of Self-discovery

What does living a Healthy life really mean ?

My own spiritual pursuits have been greatly influenced by Swami Ramdev Ji and his attitude of selfless service for humanity. I started following him way back in 2006 as a health seeker, but gradually realised the true meaning of good health. It’s not just about getting cured of physical illnesses, but much more. In fact, the word heath is derived from old English ‘hælth’ meaning ‘whole’ or ‘complete in itself’. It’s our natural state of being. That’s how we should live every moment of our life – complete, content, happy. However, most of us have deviated from that path. On connecting with our true Self, we are truly Healthy. And we are Happy. Purpose of our life is to be on that journey of Self-Discovery, of ‘Atmabodh’.

Udit signiture
Udit Agarwal Managing Director Atmabodh - Patanjali Wellness Center, Pune

Why Choose Atmabodh Wellness Center

Research and Evidence Based

Our approach is similar to Yoga Gram, Haridwar, where lakhs have people have benefitted immensely

Personalised Treatment

Yoga, Food, Naturopathy, Panchkarma all personalised based on specific medical conditions 

Elevate Lifestyle

Follow a daily routine from 4 AM to 9 PM, that's best suited to cleanse, heal & energize

Integrated Approach

Various sciences (Yoga, Ayurveda & Naturopathy) implemented simultaneously to maximise results

Value for Money

Our package includes accommodation, most therapies, consultation, meals, yoga, hawan etc, costing lesser than most similar places

What does a stay at Atmabodh include?

The health seekers staying at Atmabodh Wellness Center follow a disciplined schedule from 4 AM to 9 PM. Their 360 degree lifestyle is controlled, creating the most conducive environment for detoxification, healing and energising oneself. See how the daily routine at Atmabodh looks like

Personalised Wellness

The journey of a health seeker starts with a consultation with Ayurvedic and Naturopathy doctors, who recommend a personalised wellness plan, based on the body type and ailments. 

Therapies & Treatments

The centre offers a large number of therapies related to Panchkarma, Hawan, Physiotherapy, Acupressure, Naturopathy, Reflexology, Acupressure and others. These are administered by professional therapists, as per the recommendations of in-house doctors. 

Shirodhara Therapy
Yoga and Meditation

Intensive Yoga sessions are conducted each morning and evening for all guests at Atmabodh. They are guided about the most effective ‘asans’ and ‘pranayams’ according to their medical conditions.

Yoga and Meditation
Accommodation & Aahar

Guests stay in comfortable rooms amidst nature. Food is an integral part of the healing process. Each guest received a personalised diet chart that covers vegetarian, sattvic meals and medicinal drinks from morning till evening.

Meet our team of

Highly skilled medical practitioners

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