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Healing Through Yoga, Ayurveda & Naturopathy

Atmabodh Wellness Center


What does living a Healthy life really mean?

Atmabodh is the journey of Self-discovery.

My own spiritual pursuits have been greatly influenced by Swami Ramdev Ji and his attitude of selfless service for humanity. I started following him way back in 2006 as a health seeker, but gradually realised the true meaning of good health. It’s not just about getting cured of physical illnesses, but much more. In fact, the word heath is derived from old English ‘hælth’ meaning ‘whole’ or ‘complete in itself. It’s our natural state of being. That’s how we should live every moment of our life. When we are connected to our true Self, we are Healthy. And we are Happy. Most of us have deviated from that path. Purpose of our life is to be on that journey of Self-Discovery, of ‘Atmabodh’.

a seeker forever
Udit Agarwal
Director Atmabodh – Patanjali Wellness Center, Pune