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Terms and Conditions for Membership Plan

Terms and Conditions : Annual Membership Plans

Please read and understand the following terms and conditions before making a reservation at Patanjali Wellness Center:

Membership Fee:

There is a one-time registration fee of ₹1100 to be paid in advance. A membership card is valid for two people. The registration fee shall not be applicable on further top-ups.


The membership shall be valid for a period of one year from the date of issue. On completion of the membership period, any remaining amount shall be lapsed. The membership paid shall not be refunded under any condition.

Gifting Option: 

Members can gift one or more of their 3 packages to any friend or family member. Any commercial exchange or selling to any external parties is strictly not allowed.

Limited Usage:

There shall be no refunds in case any member uses any of their packages for less than the predetermined period (seven days based on the membership type) or uses the service as a single health seeker rather than two people.

Change of Date:

All stays shall need prior registrations, which shall be subject to availability. Once confirmed, change of date shall be considered on paying a fee of ₹1100 if communicated at least seven days before the check-in date. In case of ‘no-shows’ or communicating in less than seven days of check-ins, there shall be no refunds or change of date.

Membership Renewal:

There shall be no registration fee on renewing the membership. Members can simply top up as per the plan of their choice.

Decision Making:

The membership confirmation shall be at the discretion of the management of Atmabodh Wellness Center, and the terms are subject to change by management.

Scope of Membership:

The membership shall be applicable only at the Atmabodh Wellness Center, Sinhagad Road, Pune, and will not be applicable at any other center of the Patanjali group.

Other Discounts:

The membership packages cannot be merged with any other discounts or deals.

Price Update:

The price of the membership is subject to change as and when the price is updated or increased.