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What is Sattvic Aahar?

A pure vegetarian, nutritious & healthy diet/food that increases the energy, calmness & mental clarity. It includes ripe vegetables & seasonal fresh fruits, whole grain, dried nuts, seeds, pulses, fresh herbs & dairy products.

The Challenge :

Sattvic Aahar Recipe Challenge is an invitation to prepare any healthy, vegetarian dish and share your video describing the recipe. All entries shall be evaluated by the jury on the basis of creativity and nutritional value. Twenty best entries shall be invited for a special event in Pune and shall receive a Patanjali Gift Hamper. Top three recipes selected by the jury shall receive a grand prize!

How to Participate :

Step 1: Record your video while preparing a Sattvic dish. Also click pictures.
Step 2: Fill up the application form with the video, personal details and documented recipe. Click here to apply. 
Step 3: Spread the word !!
Share your recipe video/photo on your social media accounts. Follow & tag us either on Facebook (@Atmabodh-Patanjali-Wellness-Center) or Instagram (@atmabodh_wellness_center). Use the official hashtag #AbKiBaarSattvicAahar. And also tag at least 2 friends & challenge them to make a Sattvic dish.
Step 4: Sit back & keep your fingers crossed.

Terms & Conditions :

  1. Recipe should strictly include ingredients that are vegetarian & healthy (Sattvic)
  2. Contest Period – We shall start receiving applications from May 01, 2022. The last date of submission is 31st May 2022
  3. The videos should not exceed five minutes. Participants are free to edit their original videos to make them shorter / precise. 
  4. The applicant should be visible at some point in the video and it should be recorded in her/his own voice. The video can be made in any language.  
  5. Each application can have only video, showcasing only one recipe. Participants applying with multiple recipes, should fill a new form for each recipe. 
  6. The recipe and the video should be your original work & not copied from any other source.
  7. There is no fee for participation. 
  8. Children cooking a recipe should please do it under parents’ supervision. 
  9. This challenge has been organised by Atmabodh Wellness Center (Dhanyalaxmi Nursery And Agro Pvt Ltd), Pune that runs a franchisee of Patanjali Wellness. Any companies of the Patanjali Group or any person related to them cannot be held responsible for any anything related to this challenge.  
  10. By applying to this challenge, the participant allows the organisers to use their recipe or video to be published publicly. 
  11. The decision of the winners shall be final and binding. 
  12. Result Day: 20 finalists will be declared on June 10. They will be invited to Atmabodh Wellness Center Pune to attend the finale event on June 15.