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Postponement & Cancellation Policy

Postponement Norms

If the health seeker seeks a postponement, the changed schedule desired should be sent via E mail to the registration department, so as to reach 5 days before the scheduled date of arrival. Telephonic information will not be valid.

Only one revision is permitted subject to availability of accommodation. For revision a charge of 10% of the deposited amount will have to be paid.

If the health seeker does not present himself/herself on the revised schedule date the deposited amount shall get forfeited.

Cancellation Norms

No money, in any form, will be refunded to a health seeker leaving the treatment before 10 days and more than 10 days registration amount will be refunded.

In case the registration is canceled the following norms would apply:

30 days prior to the scheduled date, there shall be a deduction of 50%. (This rule will be applicable from 15th march 2021.

Cancellation within 30 days of the scheduled date of booking, there shall be a deduction of 100%.

No refunds are permissible if instead of two health seekers one health seeker is arriving.

In case of cancellation we will not refund any amount, if any health seeker does not come.

If the health seeker cancels the reservation less than 30 days prior to scheduled date or if he/she does not present himself/herself on the scheduled date then they will get one more chance to get registration, but after that if he/she does not present himself/herself on the scheduled date then No refunds are permissible.

Refund Policy

Refund amount will be credited into customer’s source of payment within 5-7 working days.