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Postponement & Cancellation Policy

Postponement Norms

If the health seeker seeks a postponement, the changed schedule desired should be sent via E mail to the registration department, so as to reach 5 days before the scheduled date of arrival. Telephonic information will not be valid.

Only one revision is permitted subject to availability of accommodation. For revision a charge of 10% of the deposited amount will have to be paid.

If the health seeker does not present himself/herself on the revised schedule date the deposited amount shall get forfeited.

Cancellation Norms

No money, in any form, will be refunded to a health seeker leaving the treatment before 10 days and more than 10 days registration amount will be refunded.

In case the registration is canceled the following norms would apply:

No refunds are permissible.

In case of cancellation, we will not refund any amount, if any health seeker does not come.