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Ayurvedic Home Remedies to Beat the Heat

As the heatwave conditions are intensifying in most parts of the country, all of us are looking for the relief of coldness, if not for the ways to protect ourselves from this dire wave. As suggested by the Indian Meterological Department (IMD), the situation could get even worse. Exposure to heat for a long period increases thirst and fluid loss which eventually causes dehydration along with weakness, anxiety, and distress. Some people might even feel woozy, get rashes, experience a headache, or even faint. Thus, one must stay hydrated at all times.
In such a scenario, how do we protect ourselves? How do we prevent ourselves from falling prey to this disaster of a wave?

What can we do?
  1. Drink summer coolers- Loaded with Vitamin C, Aam Panna, coconut water, chaas, and other drinks like these work best in keeping you hydrated.
  2. Onion juice- Onion juice is considered one of the most effective solutions for beating the heat. Not only drinking it but also applying it on the chest and behind the ears, helps calm down the body heat.
  3. Coconut oil massage- Massaging your body with coconut oil before the bath gives a soothing experience to the skin.
  4. Avoid too hot & too cold drinks- Consuming drinks whose temperatures are more or less than the room temperature can upset the pitta dosha causing acidity.
  5. Yoga to keep your body & mind cool- Practice yogasanas like Mandukasana, Gomukhasana, Halasana, Makarasana, and Uttanpadasana can keep away the heatstroke and the diseases that it brings along.

At Atmabodh, we bring a lot of healing and soothing therapies into practice that not only protect you from heat but also increase your immunity to fight the troubles caused by this terrible wave of heat. Well, isn’t now the best time to treat yourself with a relieving day at Atmabodh? Want to know what a day at Atmabodh looks like? Then come join us for our ‘Discovery Day’ which is a day-long experience to explore the wonders of Yoga, Ayurveda, and naturopathy. The event is open to all adults and children (5 to 15 years of age). It’s a meaningful outing for families as well as a great team-building experience for professionals. Upcoming edition is happening on the 15th May 2022. Hurry, only a few seats left!!

About us: Atmabodh is Maharashtra’s first residential Patanjali Wellness Center, that offers therapies and treatments based on Yoga, Ayurveda, and Naturopathy. This center has brought services similar to Yog Gram and Niramyam centers to Pune and has been serving people with various lifestyle diseases as well as people interested in detoxifying their minds and bodies. leo.